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Today is World IP day and to mark the occasion The Times newspaper has released a 20-page supplement covering topical issues in the Intellectual Property (IP) world. The report, produced by Raconteur in partnership with INTA and CIPA, covers a broad range of topics including the impact of Brexit on IP rights, legality of patent protection for computerised inventors and the correlation between spending on R&D, the number of patent filings and national economic growth.

The modern phenomenon of NPE’s (Non-Practising Entities) known colloquially as “patent trolls” is also discussed and their impact on a company’s ability to innovate, operate and succeed highlighted.

The final article covers the special importance that IP rights and patent protection holds for the pharmaceutical industry, where bringing a product from idea to market is extremely expensive, time consuming and has a high rate of failure across each stage of the process. Hence, the 20 year monopoly which a patent provides is critical for them to recoup their investment.

The full supplement can be found here.

Semantic search module

Minesoft add powerful Semantic Search module to PatBase

Minesoft has developed a new, powerful Semantic Search module for PatBase, the advanced search resource used worldwide by patent experts and professionals to research patent documents in-depth. In addition, Minesoft has added it to the user-friendly PatBase Express, used across corporations, making it easier to unlock information in the full text of millions of patent documents. Now PatBase will unearth hidden patents that could be missed using a regular keyword search. The Semantic Search option identifies relevant concepts from any given text-based query and suggests corresponding associated technology areas for the patent families identified; complimenting keyword and patent classification searches by locating additional pertinent documents.
The user remains in control of the process by selecting concepts of interest, adding new concepts and selecting suitable technology areas. The module improves search accuracy by using the contextual meaning of terms and the searcher’s intent to generate ever more relevant results.

Robert Poolman, Global Innovation Senior Manager at Minesoft, added: “The new Semantic Search module in PatBase provides an attractive alternative approach to uncover relevant patent information to the use of keywords or precise patent classifications. We believe this is going to benefit not only occasional users, who are looking to get a more focused starting point into the patent world, but also very experienced patent research engineers and chemists, as a way to expand on and interrogate a given subject. Not only that, it is a great help for speakers of any language to search complex patent literature. ”


Press Contact: Caitlin Kavanagh (caitlin@minesoft.com)

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