Opening up the world of chemical innovation


Minesoft’s Rob Poolman discusses Chemical Explorer and the challenges of working with chemical patent information in an article just published in the World Intellectual Property Review.

Read the article here.

Chemex logoChemical Explorer, launched at the end of 2015 by Minesoft, enables chemical structure searching for full text patents, with over 12 million unique chemical compounds mined from 10 million patent documents. It is the first web-based full text chemical structure search tool available, covering leading patent authorities which publish in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.

More information about Minesoft Chemical Explorer can be found here.




Enhanced Excel Export from Citation Explorer in PatBase


Citation Explorer is the interactive tool for navigating and reviewing patent citations in PatBase, the global patent database. CiteEx

We have just released an enhanced Excel export from Citation Explorer, making it easier to ascertain from the Excel report how fundamental or strategically important an individual patent or patent family is to an organisation. Additional columns to the ‘Backwards and Forwards’ worksheets show how many times a publication has been cited or is citing a patent family, and the specific member(s) of a family which cite or are cited by a publication. The worksheet for backwards citation now also includes examiner category codes. The enhanced report will help users see the cornerstone claims of an invention over time.

Patent citation information is increasingly used for competitor intelligence and business information, playing an important role in helping to measure the value of a patent portfolio, monitor competitor activity or identify potential licensing opportunities. Integrated into PatBase at no additional cost to users, Citation Explorer simplifies the often complex task of examining and analysing the large volume of patent citation information available.