Minesoft is pleased to support The Times Intellectual Property Report


Today is World IP day and to mark the occasion The Times newspaper has released a 20-page supplement covering topical issues in the Intellectual Property (IP) world. The report, produced by Raconteur in partnership with INTA and CIPA, covers a broad range of topics including the impact of Brexit on IP rights, legality of patent protection for computerised inventors and the correlation between spending on R&D, the number of patent filings and national economic growth.

The modern phenomenon of NPE’s (Non-Practising Entities) known colloquially as “patent trolls” is also discussed and their impact on a company’s ability to innovate, operate and succeed highlighted.

The final article covers the special importance that IP rights and patent protection holds for the pharmaceutical industry, where bringing a product from idea to market is extremely expensive, time consuming and has a high rate of failure across each stage of the process. Hence, the 20 year monopoly which a patent provides is critical for them to recoup their investment.

The full supplement can be found here.

Devising a comprehensive search strategy in PatBase


Minesoft’s Rob Poolman discusses the challenges in creating a comprehensive search strategy in a new video uploaded to the tutorial page in PatBase. Delivered from the perspective of an experienced patent analyst, Rob utilises two case studies to demonstrate the features and functionalities within PatBase to help users create a comprehensive search strategy.

A prior art case study using a hypothetical new drug invention for skin cancer and a competitive intelligence case study on the topic of reverse osmosis are used to demonstrate the following features:

  • PatBase Thesaurus to craft a comprehensive strategy in English and in a number of foreign languages
  • Classification Finder to identify relevant classification codes
  • Non-Latin search functionality to search native and machine translated non-Latin text
  • Non-Patent Literature module to search over 12 public resources of non-patent literature
  • Chemical Explorer to interrogate the full text of patents for chemical entities
  • Semantic Searching to identify similar patents
  • PatBase Analytics to identify the key assignees, inventors and fields of interest
  • Citation Explorer to analyse the content and relevance of patent citations


To view this video, you must be subscribed to PatBase. If you’re interested in taking part in a free two-week trial, please visit www.discoverpatents.net.

If you’re already subscribed to PatBase, the video is available here.