The changing landscape of IP in Asia: what you should know to stay ahead


The economic and IP landscape in Asia has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Economically, China has exploded onto the scene and is now second to the USA in terms of nominal GDP but is predicted to overtake the USA by 2030.

A similar trend is evident in the IP landscape. Since 2007, the number of Chinese patent applications and granted patents has grown at an exponential rate to the point where in 2015, the Chinese Patent Office was the first office to receive over 1 million patent applications. This growth in patent filings has been accompanied by significant changes in the Chinese IP system to make IP rights more enforceable.

To learn more about these changes and how this has impacted on the advice given by patent attorneys to their clients, you can view our recorded webinar from the 30th March 2017 entitled “The changing landscape of IP in Asia: what you should know to stay ahead”. During this webinar, a panel of speakers including James Nurton (Managing IP), Costas Stephanides (RWS Inovia), Robert Poolman (Minesoft) and Andy Cloughley (Miller Sturt Kenyon) explored this topic in detail and used a topical case study to make the webinar educational and interactive. The panel also reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of searching the Asian national patent office databases compared to subscription-based patent search and analysis platforms.

This year, Minesoft, the global patent information solutions provider, is organising a series of webinars to educate people about the importance of patents and the ways in which patent information can be used to ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Caitlin Kavanagh