Chemical Explorer

Chemical Structure Searching of full text patents

Chemical Structure Searching for full text patents

Extract essential chemical information from full text patents with Chemical Explorer

Chemical Explorer is a chemical database from Minesoft that enables searchers to instantly retrieve chemical compounds from the full text of millions of patent documents and start reviewing results in seconds.

It is the first web-based full text chemical structure search tool available, covering leading patent authorities which publish in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.

Chemical Explorer covers multiple patent-issuing authorities, currently including US (USA), GB (UK), AU (Australia), IL (Israel), EP (European Patent Office), WO (PCT), FR (France), DE (Germany) and IN (India), as well as Japan (JP), China (CN) and Korea (KR). It contains over 12 million unique chemical compounds from over 10 million full text patent documents (as of September 2015).

Unique Asian coverage is included – data-mining chemical data within Japanese, Chinese and Korean patents. Chemical Explorer is updated daily as new patents publish, ensuring users have access to the very latest information.  Chemical terminology such as names, including trade and IUPAC names can be searched, and direct links to external sources are included to enable further research.

Chemical Explorer includes full Chemical Structure drawing capability and the ability to import/export chemical structures, which means users do not have to rely on keyword searches. Flexible
search options are offered allowing users to search based on identity, similarity or substructure.

PatBase users can also view pertinent documents in PatBase using the fully integrated TextMine Viewer.

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