Monitor patent citations

CiteTracker is a brand new service for
automatically monitoring newly published patent citations. 

Monitor patent citations

 Use CiteTracker to keep a close eye on:

  • Who is citing your company’s patents?
  • Who is citing your clients’ patents?
  • Which new competitors are in your space?
  • What licensing opportunities are emerging?
  • Who is citing a particular technology?
  • CiteTracker monitors both citing and cited documents and delivers a streamlined report.

Why use Minesoft CiteTracker? 

  • Fully automated - Minesoft takes care of everything from alert set-up to results delivery
  • Time-saving – eliminates the need to run manual searches for new citations
  • Unique – the only service of its kind available on the market
  • Global - receive new citations from around the world as they are published
  • Current awareness – track who is citing your patents and what they are citing
  • Concise results – easy to read, dynamic weekly report with filter options
  • Unlimited recipients – easily share results with colleagues or clients
  • Archive of results – conveniently access previous weeks of results
  • Cost effective – one fixed low annual price
  • Integrated Analytics – visualise citations over time and view top assignees
  • Explore – links to Citation Explorer to browse citations in depth

CiteTracker is the ideal Competitive Intelligence resource for patent attorneys, lawyers, IP Counsel, R&D, search firms, licensing and technology transfer offices. Monitor patent citations easily.

Looking to monitor other aspects of patent information?

Try PatentTracker for closely monitoring patent registers, or Legal Status Tracker for monitoring detailed or broad changes to INPADOC ® legal status.

If you need to monitor patents by subject or company, you can set up PatBase Alerts.

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Quick look at CiteTracker         

  • Automatic worldwide patent citations monitoring service
  • Simple, streamlined service saves hours of time every week
  • Current awareness – who is citing your patents and what
    are they citing?
  • Easy to read dynamic weekly report on new citations
  • CiteTracker brochure
  • Login to CiteTracker

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