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PatBase Analytics combines high quality patent data from over 100 authorities with in-built analytics developed by patent data experts

High quality data in

patent data inPatBase is a sophisticated platform for searching enhanced patent data

  • Unique database containing over 100 million patent documents
  • Organised into patent families for more efficient searches
  • Standardised data updated weekly for timeliness and precision
  • Extensive full text collection; searchable machine translations
  • 6 classification systems including high level definitions
  • Comprehensive assignee data – translated and probable names; reassignments

High quality analysis out

patent data outVisualise and interpret patent data in new and powerful ways

PatBase Analytics is built into PatBase and PatBase Express

  • Analyse patent data up to 100,000 patent families at one time – 
    straight from your search results
  • No data preparation required - and you can adapt your search whilst running an analysis
  • Understand the patent landscape with interactive and customisable graphs
  • Assignee groupings  - effectively manage company name variations and subsidiaries
  • Advanced text clustering – drill down for detailed full text keyword analysis
  • Analytics Dashboard – create your own overview with movable widgets

PatBase Analytics is fully integrated online and is available at no extra cost to
PatBase/PatBase Express subscribers

For a demonstration and free trial, go to


  • Easily toggle between different chart and data views
  • View by family or publication; display data for certain document types only (e.g. applications)
  • Drill down within graphs for a higher level of detail


  • Extremely fast processing times
  • No need to import data from other sources - analyse direct from your search results
  • Near-instantaneous loading of graphs after initial data set it processed


  • Create your own analytics Dashboard with customisable Widgets
  • Global and individual settings to tailor content and display preferences
  • Assignee Groupings - effectively manage name variations and subsidiaries in PatBase advanced


  • Not just an analytics 'black box' - graphs are detailed and transparent
  • See exactly what data is going in, and understand what is being displayed on-screen
  • Real-time progress indicators show processing progression for large sets

Help at hand

  • Detailed help files with step-by-step instructions
  • Clear tags and explanations included with every graph and table
  • Support available from our global helpdesk

To access PatBase Analytics in PatBase advanced, go to More options on the search history page, and click on PatBase Analytics. In PatBase Express, click on the Analytics link at the top of your search results list.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new patent Analytics software - if you have any comments or questions, get in touch with us on or call +44(0)208 404 0651.


Quick look at PatBase Analytics

  • Rapid, in-depth analysis software to visualise and interpret patent data - graphs, charts, clusters, heat maps
  • Powerful perspectives: make connections, analyse white space and assess patentability
  • Customisable Analytics Dashboard and fully tailorable, interactive graphs to suit
    your needs
  • Extract meaningful insights - gain competitive intelligence and understand the landscape
  • PatBase Analytics brochure


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