Patent Search Techniques: Landscape Analysis in 6 Simple Steps

The world of patent information continues to grow, and patent search techniques are evolving and becoming more complex. As a result, a comprehensive patent landscape analysis can be both time-consuming and complicated – but Minesoft can help.

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Here are some key questions this whitepaper will answer for you:

  • Why are patent landscape searches so important to my business?
  • Where do I start when I define my search strategy?
  • What are some common goals and key questions that a landscape search may answer?
  • How do I optimize my patent landscape analysis?

In addition to answering these key questions, this report will give you useful tips to help simplify your patent landscape search methodology, which will enable you to save time and remain focused on your goals.

About PatBase

PatBase, the online patent database, allows you to optimize the way you search and review patent literature. PatBase is a trusted primary search tool used by top corporations and law firms worldwide. Our users rely on PatBase to offer them a robust platform of the highest quality from which to search, review, share and analyze business-critical patent information.

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