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Minesoft Orangebook is a FREE online tool from Minesoft designed to make
the FDA drug data more easily accessible to pharmaceutical researchers.

  • Need to keep an eye on drug patent expiration dates?
  • Want to identify drugs with a specific active ingredient?
  • Looking for critical information on exclusivity timelines?

We prescribe a dose of Minesoft Orangebook!

Minesoft Orangebook offers a powerful, user-friendly interface for searching the FDA's authoritative approved drug database -
a vital resource for checking important drug data and competitive intelligence in the pharmaceuticals industry.
It contains information on exclusivity timelines as well as patent applications and expiry dates, all powered behind the scenes
by a special indexing system for enhanced retrieval.

Search the FDA database with Minesoft Orangebook to view the approval history of a drug and keep an eye on patent expiry dates. An intuitive interface makes it easy to search and review records. Results can be sorted by criteria including patent expiry date, applicant or active ingredient, and users can also choose to view results graphically in the form of either a bar chart or a pie chart.

Search Minesoft Orangebook

Minesoft Orangebook puts critical pharmaceutical industry intelligence right at your fingertips. It enables you to easily search the FDA database by drug proprietary names, active ingredients, patent numbers, pharmaceutical applicant names, application numbers and even exclusivity expiry dates.Use Minesoft Orangebook to search the FDA database for current information about newly approved generic drugs.

Minesoft Orangebook is an essential tool for clients in the pharmaceutical industry today looking to bring new drugs to market. It makes the FDA drug data more accessible, as a free and easy-to-use resource for all pharmaceutical researchers in Business and R&D environments.

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Minesoft Orangebook: an essential resource for competitive intelligence in pharmaceuticals.