Russian Patents Added To PatBase, The Industry-Leading Global Patent Database

Minesoft and RWS Group Introduce important new collection to benefit patent researchers 

Minesoft and RWS Group today announced the addition of a significant new Russian patent data collection to their proprietary patent family database, PatBase. PatBase combines global patent data from over 100 patent-issuing authorities in a single database for efficient prior art searching and scientific and technical research.

Patent filings in Russia have risen over the last decade – a clear indicator of an increased investment in Research & Development and a growing emphasis on innovation for the country. Along with other BRIC nations (Brazil, India and China), Russia is emerging as one to watch in terms of patent activity.

In light of this trend, Russian data is being added to the PatBase database to allow users to tap into this important source of information on emerging technologies. Full Text coverage of Russian patents, applications and utility models are now searchable in PatBase. Ann Chapman, Director at Minesoft, adds:

“We have ensured that users can access and benefit from this important new source of patent information with the provision of searchable side-by-side English translations. This means that Russian patents can be retrieved with an English keyword search. In addition, a non-Latin search form allows for native language searching of the new Russian full text, with non-Latin characters. An on-demand machine translation facility enables non-Russian speakers to translate the text into a huge variety of different languages in seconds, to quickly assess whether or not a document is relevant.”

As a leading European patent search and technical translation company, RWS Group (co-developers of PatBase) are perfectly positioned to ensure quality, searchable translations are made available as soon as possible for non-Latin patent data. For documents requiring a more detailed review, users can opt to order a professional human translation from RWS directly from the PatBase interface.

Looking beyond Russia, Minesoft and RWS Group continue to expand the global reach of PatBase, with recent additions including Japanese, Vietnamese and Brazilian patent collections. PatBase offers intellectual property professionals and information specialists the breadth and depth needed for comprehensive, accurate and meaningful patent research.


Full PDF Press Release available here: (English) Russian Data PR