PatBase And GenomeQuest Integration Announced

Minesoft and GenomeQuest announce integration agreement for genetic sequence patent searching

London, 9th September. Minesoft and RWS Group – co-developers of PatBase, the global patent family database – today announced a partnership with GenomeQuest, providers of biological sequence searching tools including the GQ-Pat database, providing direct links between the two complementary research platforms. Scientific information professionals can now review biological sequence patents retrieved using GenomeQuest tools directly on PatBase.

The collaboration means that researchers working in life sciences can consult the most comprehensive and up-to-date IP sequence database available with GenomeQuest, before taking advantage of the sophisticated patent review and analysis tools in PatBase to explore and assess the relevant extracted patents.

GenomeQuest’s GQ-Pat database contains nearly 300 million biological sequences found in the global patent literature, updated weekly. Breadth of coverage and ease-of-use combine to make it one of the most widely used genetic sequence searching tools available. The integration announced today enables information professionals and prior art searchers to effectively use PatBase as a specialist viewing tool for patents identified using GenomeQuest – without any time-consuming manual extraction of patent numbers.

PatBase is a popular viewing platform for patent families and legal status, providing extensive coverage of over 48 million searchable patent family records from over 100 patent-issuing authorities. Super-fast search and display speeds and features including Advanced Keyword Highlighting, millions of translations, and cross-lingual search tools have been designed to enable efficient, in-depth review of patent documents for IP and information professionals across the globe. The brand new, integral PatBase Analytics module launched this Autumn promises high-speed, robust and insightful analyses of huge patent data sets. Ann Chapman, Director at Minesoft, said “We believe that the agreement announced today integrating these established and widely-used specialist research platforms – PatBase and GenomeQuest – will greatly benefit the scientific and IP research community working in the life sciences field, enabling more efficient and thorough state-of-the-art searches to be performed around biological sequence patents.”

Full PDF press release available here: GenomeQuest Integration PR Sep 2014