Minesoft launches new responsive PatBase Express website for patent research

PatBase Express – The online searchable patent database created by Minesoft and RWS Group – has been redesigned to provide a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and platforms for patent research.

PatBase Express is the global patent database designed for end-users in an organisation, offering a simple and intuitive way of searching and reviewing worldwide patent literature. The remodelled PatBase Express website automatically adapts according to screen size and orientation, responding dynamically to the device without the user having to continuously resize and scroll to carry out their patent research. The new responsive design means that navigating PatBase Express and viewing search results is a fluid experience, whether the user is accessing it from a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. Optimisation for viewing across all major platforms, including iOS and Android, makes PatBase Express accessible and user-friendly in any environment.

Find out more about PatBase Express here