Minesoft Releases Patent Landscape On White Paper 3D Printing

With growing interest in the area of 3D printing form businesses and consumers alike, global patent solutions provider Minesoft has released a white paper on the 3D printing patent landscape, created using the online patent database PatBase.

3D printing describes the processes involved in making a three-dimensional solid object from digital data using a 3D printer. Physical objects can now be created at the touch of a button, with a broad spectrum of potential applications ranging from medical science to the food industry to housing. 3D printing has already been employed for example to create apartment buildings in China, customised edible pancakes in Norway and human tissue in the USA.

An analysis of patenting activity in the field of 3D printing provides insights into this fast-moving technology area. Rob Poolman, Senior Innovation Manager at Minesoft, explains, “This white paper demonstrates how a tool like PatBase – the global patent database co-produced by Minesoft and the RWS Group – can be used to better understand the patent landscape in this fascinating field.


Containing 100+ million patent documents from 102 global issuing authorities, PatBase enables users to obtain highly relevant, quality data sets for analysis using the integrated PatBase Analytics software. Poolman adds that “using the advanced search and analysis capability in PatBase, a comprehensive landscape report has been created that reveals filing trends over time and identifies the key players currently dominating the market.”

(Image: Assessing the 3D printing patent landscape using PatBase Analytics)

Analysing the 3D printing landscape through the lens of patent data, as demonstrated in this paper, enables technology observers and Intellectual Property professionals to gain valuable insights into a technology that will play an increasingly large role in our lives in the future. Visit https://minesoft.com/resources.php to obtain your free copy of the White Paper.

Full PDF Press Release version available here: Patent Landscape White Paper on 3D Printing