Minesoft Releases Patent Landscape White Paper On Ebola

The recent Ebola outbreak which began in December 2013 is the deadliest recorded since the discovery of the Ebolaviruses in 1976. With a fatality rate of 50-90 percent, the disease continues to rage through West Africa and has so far claimed over 10,000 lives.

Research into Ebola – possible treatments, cures and ways of containment – has been increasing as the lethal disease shows no sign of abating. This sharp rise in research fuels interest in Intellectual Property assets.

Aalt van de Kuilen, chemist and patent information expert, utilised PatBase, Minesoft’s patent family database – developed in partnership with RWS Group, to study Ebola related data and create a vision of the Ebola patent landscape. Benefiting from cutting edge features and functionality in PatBase, such as the Chemical Search, Citation Search and Classification Finder, van de Kuilen compiled concise results’ sets. Manipulation of data and analysis of results was done using the sophisticated module, PatBase Analytics, and PatBase visualisation tools were used throughout the study to aid exploration, to interpret results and to present findings.

Producing a meaningful patent landscape is an invaluable piece of work. In this study key questions such as: who is filing Ebola related patents; what is the legal status of these applications; which compounds are under development – are all answered.

The patent landscape reveals trends in innovations, leads to locating expertise and in turn can expedite the development of drugs, desperately needed, in an increasingly dire situation.