Olivier Huc Gives a Thought-Provoking Presentation On Patent Citations

Olivier Huc, Business Development Manager at Minesoft, presented ‘Exploring patent citations: Benefits and Challenges’ at the II-SDV Conference held in Nice in April 2015.

The II-SDV is an annually held international forum. Delegates travel from around the globe to keep abreast of new search, analysis and visualisation tools in the field of scientific and technical information. With 26 speakers presenting on subjects ranging from data mining to “Smart Cities”, and a complementary exhibition running in parallel, the event is a hub of knowledge and ideas.

Olivier said of the event, “It never fails to surprise me – the diversity of speakers and delegates who share so many new concepts. My presentation generated much discussion about the benefits of using citations for competitor intelligence and led to lots of interest in some unique features of our new product, CiteTracker.”

Minesoft’s recently launched CiteTracker monitors patent citation activity and sends alert reports to client’s email addresses.

Searching patent citations has long been used by patent searchers to discover closely related patents or expand search results’ sets. However, current trends show that patent citations are increasingly being used, for competitor intelligence and business information, to measure the value of a patent portfolio, monitor competitor’s activities and identify potential licensing opportunities. CiteTracker enables clients to do all these things, and more.

To view Olivier’s presentation or for further information about CiteTracker visit www.minesoft.com