Minesoft unveils new corporate website

Global Intellectual Property (IP) information solutions company Minesoft today announced the launch of their redesigned corporate website.

The new website has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the latest advances in User Experience (UX) thinking and its application. If you know anything about website design planning, you’ll know this is an extensive and lengthy process. The redefined website combines improved design and new content to create a more stimulating place for stakeholders including customers, prospects and partners, to come to discover more about Minesoft.

To ensure the new website is as accessible as possible, it has been designed responsively to provide an optimal viewing experience. The website will dynamically adapt to whichever device it is being viewed on including tablets and smartphones, and is optimised for viewing across all major platforms including iOS and Android, making it accessible and user-friendly in any environment. Improved navigation and striking graphics themed around innovation and technology contribute to a more modern and engaging interface. Additionally, we are using fast servers to ensure low load times. You can visit www.hostiserver.com to learn more about how fast servers can improve your company website. This is critical to any new website’s success, as well as updated or redesigned websites, and so it could be worth looking at these Adelaide servers if you are in a similar situation.

At the same time as being easier to navigate and looking better, fresh content has been added to better inform and engage visitors to the site. Digestible information on products including ‘Quick Look’ sections and downloadable brochures is easily available. A new Support area includes Case Studies and other helpful resources such as White Papers and product or feature-related videos, which will be constantly refreshed and expanded. Visitors to the site can keep updated on Minesoft news with events listings, a newsroom, a Twitter feed and a brand new company Blog, to which they can subscribe to get the latest news – in very brief format straight from the horse’s mouth – delivered to their inbox. Links to external articles and independent “test drives” about the company and products have been highlighted too.

Ann Chapman-Daniel, Co-founder of Minesoft, added, “As our global business continues to grow and expand into new countries around the world (we won our second Queen’s Award for Enterprise this year for International Trade), we felt our main corporate website needed to be more accessible, useful and convivial for anyone wanting to understand more about us as a company and how our patent information products and services fit together. We hope our redesign and new resources will enable us to deliver this information more effectively and keep in better touch”.

Access the Minesoft website here