Enhanced cross-lingual patent searching in PatBase

Additional translation options have been added to the Language Explorer tool in PatBase, the global patent database from Minesoft and RWS Group, to enhance patent searching.

Powered by WIPO’s innovative Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR) service, the Language Explorer is designed to help PatBase and PatBase Express users overcome the language barrier when searching patents. It enables them to discover appropriate keyword translations and synonyms from and into a variety of languages.

Minesoft and RWS Group have just added Russian, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish and Danish to the Language Explorer to give searchers a wider range of cross-lingual search possibilites.

PatBase offers patent information from over 100 authorities worldwide with searchable machine translations, integrated on-demand machine translation software and cross-lingual search tools such as Language Explorer to help researchers worldwide to explore patents.

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