PatBase and Patseq – The Combination for your Sequence Searching Needs


PatSeq is a patent sequence database and search interface developed by Cambia, which covers a large number of issuing authorities as far back as 1970. The open-sourced PatSeq registry holds over 120 million DNA sequences and 10 million protein sequences extracted from global patents documents. Any publication in PatBase containing sequence information which is available in PatSeq contains a link in the full text which will take users to view the sequences in PatSeq.

In a new video tutorial Minesoft’s Rob Poolman demonstrates the ability to link from PatBase to PatSeq to identify the genetic sequences disclosed in a patent. Furthermore, having conducted a sequence search in PatSeq, we show how you can import your results into PatBase to view the bibliographic and full text information alongside the sequence results.

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If you’re already subscribed to PatBase, the tutorial is available here.