Growing the Corporate Tree


For the past 6-12 months, here at Minesoft, we’ve been meticulous in keeping the Corporate Tree in PatBase as up to date as possible and to add a significant number of companies to the database. We now have 143,000 distinct companies listed in the database, 3,000 of which are identified as “top level” companies! On top of this we annually update the corporate tree information for the top 500 companies (in terms of patent filings) as well as the top 150 PatBase customers.

Corporate Tree is available in both PatBase and PatBase Express and provides a quick and easy way to identify subsidiaries and other affiliations of a chosen corporation, in order to include all related companies in a single assignee search. Data for the Corporate Tree is derived from a corporate relationship database compiled and maintained by Minesoft & RWS Group. It provides a quick and easy way to visualise your portfolio and that of your competitors.

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