Non-INPADOC patents now available on Legal Status Tracker


Legal Status Tracker allows users to monitor changes in the legal status for specific publications or patent families of interest. We have recently added the ability to alert to LSPB (published) and LSGT (granted) legal status events for a large number of countries not included in the International Patent Documentation (INPADOC) database. This enables our users to be notified of any new publications and grants from countries not included INPADOC, such as Singapore or India. This valuable service means that our customers can cast a wider net when tracking the legal status of patents.

Now when you create a new alert in Legal Status Tracker, or if you are editing the rules for an existing alert, you will have the option to monitor both INPADOC and non-INPADOC countries. This enhancement makes it far more convenient to track non-European patents. Furthermore, if a user selects an INPADOC country and a non-INPADOC country, the list of legal status groups reverts to showing all legal status groups, as it is possible to be alerted to all groups for an INPADOC country.

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