Tracking Patent Citations for Competitive Intelligence


In an article published on LinkedIn in April, Minesoft’s Olivier Huc discusses the benefits of PatBase’s Citation Explorer for obtaining a full analysis of patent citations for a given patent family. He highlights a complication that can arise in identifying these searches where new patent citations can be added to an already known patent during specific events (such as appeals), making it more difficult to monitor new patent citations.

Minesoft has developed a solution to this complication with CiteTracker, currently the only application on the market that can automatically track and identify new patent citations. The product’s principal advantage is that it takes into account new patent families that may be created and is therefore guaranteed not to miss any valuable new information by using a customisable patent search query to identify the patent families of interest to the user and then monitoring all backward and forward citations for these families. Users may also benefit from its unique visualisation tools, filtering and strong reporting and sharing options, as well as the ability of gaining a time advantage over the competition.