PatentArchive: at the heart of patent information strategy


Minesoft have recently enhanced PatentArchive, simplifying the interface and making it more intuitive, as ever greater numbers of end-users access their internal company resource.  Simplified menus, streamlined subscriber modules allowing creation and management of data, guided set-up for creating new corporate Alerts, additional display and linking options for delivery of results – adding to the ease of use and powerful integration of PatentArchive in daily use by corporations to keep track of patenting activity around the world – both their own and that of competitors or areas of upcoming interest.

Minesoft’s PatentArchive enables you to manage the influx of new and existing patent applications published around the world. Leverage your internal expertise with a dynamic workflow to assess and categorise patent information. Whilst regular Alerts allow you to capture the most relevant, up-to-date Competitive Intelligence for your business. With PatentArchive, you can apply custom taxonomies to create a searchable, central archive of patent information that’s relevant to your organisation.

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