Enhance your Patent Search with Folders in PatBase


In an updated video tutorial, Minesoft’s Rob Poolman, explores the range of functions available when using folders in PatBase. He demonstrates the basic uses of the folder system and gives a step-by-step guide to sharing saved folders with other PatBase users and non-PatBase users. This enables you to transfer knowledge company-wide and collaborate effectively.

The PatBase folder system has a variety of other uses as Rob Poolman explains in the tutorial. For example, the ability to add folders to your search history so they can be combined with other criteria and the ability to add notes and rankings to patent families within folders. These powerful functions enable PatBase users to be both efficient and effective when analysing and sharing patent information.


To view this video tutorial, you must be subscribed to PatBase. If you’re interested in taking part in a free two-week trial, please visit www.discoverpatents.net.

If you’re already subscribed to PatBase, the tutorial is available here.