Enhancements to Citation Explorer in PatBase

Within PatBase, our enhanced Citation Explorer module aims to simplify the task of examining voluminous patent citations.

Citation Explorer is an interactive module which makes it easier to navigate and review the complex web of patent citations on a family or publication basis. Citation Explorer includes the ability to review citations side by side, visualize citations on a timeline or tree and obtain relevant statistics.

Here at Minesoft, we’ve recently enhanced Citation Explorer to make it easier for our users to visualise the backward and forward citations in a patent family. Firstly, we’ve added origin codes for backward citations to indicate the source of the citation (e.g. applicant, search report etc.). Secondly, we have added rich citation data to direct our users to the relevant passages within the citation and the claims to which the backward citation relates. Finally, the non-patent literature citations in Citation Explorer have been reorganised and the XP number from the examiners search report has been added (where available).

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