Minesoft’s Ann Chapman invited to join the Female Patronage Group 2017


Ann Chapman, managing director and co-founder at Minesoft, has been invited to join the Women&Work Germany ‘Female Patronage Group 2017’, celebrating women in the workplace. Women&Work is committed to the equal treatment of women and men in politics, economy and society.

“Women&Work has at its heart an important theme that resonates around the globe. In my 30-year career I have had exciting opportunities, supportive colleagues and success building an innovative business,” says Ann Chapman. “But the challenges facing career women are not yet resolved. How best to combine career and family, how to achieve a better work/life balance. How to sustain a high-flying career path throughout and win the same recognition and monetary rewards as male colleagues. The good news is that many millions of us want mechanisms to improve and re-define modern working and personal life. We can make it happen.”


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