Patent Archive Users now have the option to create an Archive Snapshot


Minesoft’s PatentArchive solution allows you to manage the influx of new and existing patent applications published around the world, leveraging internal expertise through a dynamic workflow to assess and categorise patent information. Capture the most up-to-date, relevant Competitive Intelligence for your business and increase your current awareness with regular Alerts on newly published global patent data. Apply custom taxonomies to create a searchable, central archive of patent information relevant to your organisation.

We have recently developed and launched the Archive Snapshot, a visual landing page in PatBase Express allowing users to easily identify the most pertinent data for the patent families that have recently been added to their Archive. Displaying a week’s Archive data, with the option to change the date range, the Archive Snapshot displays Top 10 Assignees, Top 10 Inventors and Top 10 Archive Fields. Users are able to customise their own Archive Snapshot depending on which fields they want to be shown. All graphs within the Snapshot are interactive so that you can view the relevant patent families in PatBase Express by clicking on the relevant data within any of the graphs.

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