Minesoft is pleased to support the Times Intellectual Property Report

Today is world IP day and to mark the occasion the Times has released a 20-page supplement covering the topical issues in the Intellectual property world. The report, produced by Raconteur in partnership with INTA and CIPA covers a broad range of topics, from the confusion caused by Brexit regarding IP rights and protections, guidance on how to implement an international IP strategy, the legality of providing patent protection for computerised inventors and the impact of R&D on the economy of the funding nation.

The modern phenomenon of NPE’s (Non-practising entities) known colloquially as “patent trolls” is also discussed, with their impact on a company’s ability to innovate, operate and succeed highlighted. This trend has worsened as cloud-based technologies have integrated with international business, with a 22% increase in cloud-based litigation over the past 5 years.

The final article covers the special importance that IP rights and patent protection holds for the pharmaceutical industry, where bringing a product through trials to market is extremely expensive with a high rate of failure across each stage of the process.

The full supplement can be found here.