Minesoft launch new corporate website

Global intellectual property solutions provider, Minesoft, has now launched a newly designed corporate website.

The new Minesoft website has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the latest advances in User Experience (UX) thinking and its application. The re-defined website combines improved design and new content to create, we hope, a stimulating place for stakeholders including customers, prospects and partners, to discover more about Minesoft.

To ensure that the website is as accessible as possible, it has been designed responsively to provide an optimal viewing experience. The website will dynamically adapt to the device it is being viewed on including tablets and smartphones, and is optimised for viewing across all major platforms including iOS and Android. Navigation across the website has been improved with a streamlined toolbar and new ‘Resources’ tab, where users can find the Minesoft blog, Newsroom & free Whitepapers.

Apart from improving navigation, fresh content has been added to better inform and engage visitors to the site. For visitors who are unfamiliar with Minesoft’s portfolio of products, additional information has been added to the home page to help find the right tool for you. Whether you are interested in competitive intelligence monitoring or research and analysis, our interactive wheel will connect you to the right product for your needs, be it PatBase, CiteTracker, Legal StatusTracker, Patent Knowledge Management etc. Visitors to the site can keep up-to-date with all Minesoft news by subscribing to our Blog which covers recent enhancements to Minesoft products, links to external articles and independent “test drives” about the company and products.

Product pages have been enhanced with interactive screenshots so that visitors can ‘take a look inside’ any given product and more information has been added about our innovative tools and analysis functionalities. It is now quicker than ever to apply for a free trial to any of our products via the website and for those who are interested in a more tailored solution, our ‘Solutions’ tab gives more information about ways in which Minesoft products can be adapted to your needs.

For more information about Minesoft, don’t hesitate to go to our ‘About us’ tab which covers the history of Minesoft, shows where customer support and staff are located (including a new office in Long Island, NY) and offers reviews from current Minesoft customers.

Senior Manager for Innovation and Consulting at Minesoft, Dr Rob Poolman, added, “Our aim with the new Minesoft website is to create a vibrant, visual and informative site for both current and future customers, which demonstrates the position Minesoft has achieved as a leader in the field of Intellectual Property Information Services and Databases. Our current customers can keep up-to-date more easily with news and enhancements. Future customers can quickly grasp our main qualities, understand our journey over the past 20 years and discover more about our innovative products”.


The Minesoft website can be accessed at www.minesoft.com.

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