Minesoft corporate website now fully translated into Chinese

More than 10% of the visitors to www.minesoft.com are located in China, so it was important to ensure that the new, improved website was available to these users as well as to those in English-speaking countries.

New content has been added to the product pages to give a more in-depth overview of Minesoft’s portfolio of patent solutions. Each page has a selection of carefully chosen screenshots to give potential customers an insight into each product. In addition, a more detailed description of features and functionalities for each product has been given. It is now quicker than ever to apply for a free trial to any of our products via the website, with forms which are fully translated into Chinese.

Chinese-speaking visitors to the site can keep up-to-date with all Minesoft news by subscribing to our Blog which covers recent enhancements to Minesoft products, links to external articles and independent “test drives” about the company and products.

Minesoft provide patent solutions for corporations around the globe. To reflect this we have representation internationally, including China, Japan, Korea and South America. Find out where your nearest representative is here.

The new Chinese website is available at http://cn.minesoft.com/