The Minesoft team is pleased to have a recent article published in WIPR magazine.

Co-authored by Rahman Hyatt and Olivier Huc, the article covers utilising Minesoft’s suite of products to gain actionable competitive and business intelligence.

Patent information is a vast, valuable source of competitive intelligence but the volume and complexity of data available can be overwhelming. Patent analysis and landscaping is a means of interpreting patent data – revealing trends and patterns – and making it communicable to a wider audience of stakeholders who can draw actionable intelligence from it. By using the increasingly sophisticated tools available to retrieve, analyse and monitor patent information, knowledge and insights can be extracted to help shape commercial strategies.

Rahman Hyatt and Olivier Huc discuss how Minesoft clients benefit from using our automated tracking services, CiteTracker and Legal StatusTracker to monitor their own patent portfolio, and that of their competitors. In addition, brand-new PatBase Analytics V2.0 can effectively identify market trends and key competitors, as well as potential business partners and licensing opportunities.

Users are able to disseminate the relevant information effectively throughout an organisation; with a secure database to track, store and tag relevant patent applications. Key personnel can review highly-targeted, pertinent documents and make better, faster, patent-related decisions.

Read the article here.