Identifying opportunities for the generic pharmaceutical industry with the Legal Status Viewer in PatBase

In an article recently published on LinkedIn, Minesoft’s Greg Harrop-Griffiths outlines some of the challenges when monitoring the legal status of patents. It’s crucial to track the legal status of your own and your competitor’s portfolios since, once expired, anyone can use the patented technology without fear of infringement and litigation.

Several “blockbuster” patents have expired in recent years and as a result the global generic pharmaceutical market is growing at an astonishing rate. Global sales are predicted to surpass $380 billion USD by 2021.

The addition of comprehensive legal status information from the US and Japan has enabled users to visualise future legal status information in the PatBase Legal Status Viewer, including assumed expiry date, and the more accurate calculated expiry date. The calculated expiry dates take into account not just the differing patent terms for each national office and type of document, but also additional information, e.g. Patent Term Extensions (PTEs) and Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs).

There is no longer any need to waste valuable time and resources monitoring patent status. The Legal Status Viewer does all the hard work, combining several sources of business-critical legal status information on one easy-to-use resource.

Read Greg’s article here.

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