Challenges faced by start-ups and the importance of having a strong patent portfolio

Many new companies face the challenges described in Christian Hackl’s recently published article in Les Nouvelles: “Challenges for a Start-up company when Commercialising a New Technology and Extending its Business Model”.

In the article, Hackl mentions the difficulties faced by Orcan (supplier of industrial equipment) in being taken seriously by larger companies, and how Orcan’s solid patent base removed the asymmetry between large and small players.

Conflicts between large and small players include the speed of decision making and level of risk-taking. Large corporations can be reluctant to make quick decisions and are typically risk-averse. This creates a challenge when striking a R&D partnership between two companies of different size, having a solid patent portfolio as a young company can solve this problem. Having intellectual property rights (IPR) not only stops imitators from copying your ideas, but also means that smaller companies can negotiate on equal terms with large corporations. By gaining IPR, Orcan gained recognition for their technology and sustained a lasting competitive advantage in the market.

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