Top Valentine’s Day Patents

US2007078663A – Method and instrument for proposing marriage to an individual

Unfortunately, this patent application was ultimately rejected by the USPTO due to non-response to an office action, but it still makes the list for being arguably the most romantic patent application ever! Rather than stereotypical proposals, such as the “diamond in champagne” or “message in the sky” method, patent attorney, Ryan Thomas Grace decided to submit a patent application in 2003 which also acted as his marriage proposal.

USD491338S – Heart shaped pepperoni slice

If your partner is a bit of a foodie, then this US patent might be just the thing to spice up your Valentine’s day. Combining the international symbol of love, the heart, with a much-loved pizza topping!

US6024386A – Aroma-generating greeting card

Perfume houses around the world market their products as the latest and greatest new smell which you can use to find a partner. This patent describes a greeting card with an attached bag filled with fragrance-infused beads, adding something a bit special to your run of the mill greeting card.

CN201015432Y – Invincibility rose

The next romantic patent is straight out of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast! This Chinese patent for an ‘Invincibility Rose’ does not refer to some sort of floral superhero as the name might suggest but is actually for a ‘unbreakable’ artificial flower – perfect as a metaphor for your invincible relationship!

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