Tips for reviewing large result sets in PatBase

Many PatBase users need to scan through thousands of patent documents a day. Reviewing such large result sets is extremely time-consuming, hence, Minesoft has included functionalities in PatBase to make this easier. PatBase user, GreyB, has recently published a blog post after receiving a useful tip from a member of our Support Team.

A searcher at GreyB was searching over 37,000 patents and looking for a way to jump to the next patent to review, several thousand into the results set, rather than having to click through hundreds of times(!). Thankfully, this is possible by utilising the command line. Here we have created a “dummy strategy” assuming the results set is 27,462 records long:

1. First display the history results of your set – run the final search string again in the “command line”.

2. Tell PatBase to show you the final records in your set, e.g. in a set of 27,462 results, l 27450-27462. This step will ensure that any “Sort” order issues are avoided when jumping subsequently to a precise record in your results set.

3. Once this page has loaded, you can tell PatBase what record # you wish to view. For example, here we want to view l 4000-4025, so we will enter this into the command line at the bottom of the page.

4. Et Voila! We now have result no. 4000

The Minesoft Support team work hard to answer queries as quickly as possible and also to provide helpful tips and tricks for our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any queries of your own.

Read GreyB’s blog post here: