New enhancements to PatBase Analytics V2

Minesoft has enhanced the powerful analysis platform incorporated in every subscription of flagship product, PatBase, the online patent searching database.

Separate result sets can now be easily compared within PatBase Analytics V2. This new functionality makes it simple to compare patenting trends, whether it’s between two competitors or one company at two different times. Once the saved searches have been selected for comparison, the Dashboard view will show a summary of the two different sets, with information ranging from the similarity of countries being filed in to which technology areas are most common.

The dashboard can be printed as a quick report on the summary, ideal for sharing with colleagues, clients and decision-makers.

PatBase users can easily drill down further into the data, with in-depth information on assignees, inventors, technology areas, countries being filed in and more, all displayed as easy-to-understand visualisations which can be shared easily in a boardroom environment – even to those without patent know-how!

Dashboard for a comparison of Hoover/Dyson patent portfolios

The Minesoft Development team has provided more ways to interrogate data in the module and improved the ways that users are able to manage the charts available, all 2D charts now have the Bubble and Cross Reference (Heatmap) Matrix Charts.

In addition, the way that result sets are ordered has been updated to “Metric” ordering, meaning that the 2D charts are more intuitive than ever.

To go through the new enhancements in more detail or for a full demonstration, contact today.