Cybersecurity: The race to protect our critical infrastructure

In October 2018, Minesoft’s article based on our recent Cybersecurity report was featured in The Patent Lawyer magazine. Focussing on cybersecurity, the article explores why it is so important for business survival to keep an eye on the patent landscape in your own technology area.

Patent Landscape Analysis can be used to provide insight to different stakeholder groups across an organisation, including patent specialists and non-patent professionals – such as upper Management, Research & Development and IP Legal departments. A birds-eye view of market trends and key competitors as well as identification of potential business partners may be appropriate for management teams. R&D departments benefit from the in-depth analysis to identify opportunities for new product development in low risk areas and IP/Legal departments can identify potential areas of weakness to help form a patent litigation strategy.

It is vital for any innovation-driven industry to carry out regular patent landscape reporting to identify gaps, monitor competitor activity and identify acquisition, licensing or collaboration opportunities. Having access to a high-quality data set within a robust search and analysis platform is the key first step to a meaningful patent landscape report. Over the past 12 months, Minesoft and RWS have significantly enhanced the data included within PatBase to ensure our clients have access to the most comprehensive set of patent data within the industry, in terms of coverage as well as of a raft of internal enhancements to raw data received from the issuing offices. Our full text patent coverage has just been increased to 60 authorities (as at time of writing 1st Nov 2018), while patent data from over 105 countries can be consulted in PatBase.

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