Sports patents, when do innovations cross the ethical line?

12th November 2019

From Thomas Edison’s light bulb to pioneering drug treatments, inventions are essential for mankind’s progression. This technological development crosses all industries but for the sporting industry it can raise some ethical questions. When do these innovations designed to make sports… Read More >

Patent inventors and the question of artificial intelligence

28th October 2019

An artificial intelligence (AI) system has created a landmark challenge to the international patents regime on whether AI systems may be listed as patent inventors, highlighting growing concerns among lawmakers over the rise of ‘creativity machines’. DABUS, developed by Dr… Read More >

Welcome to Minesoft GmbH, Düsseldorf

14th October 2019

Germany is one of the most innovative countries in the world and many Minesoft customers based in Germany have contributed greatly to our product development over the last 20 years. Our local sales representative office in Germany has been serving… Read More >

Patent report: the road ahead for driverless cars

1st October 2019

A patent report can give a snapshot of the patents in a specific subject area or which cover a type of technology. The reports can be used to visualise and discover existing gaps in relevant areas, gain competitive intelligence by… Read More >