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Medical Innovation Trends in India
Based on Patent Data

The annually increasing life expectancy of the 1.3billion people in India is causing a strain on the national healthcare industry, therefore innovation is required to keep up with the medical demand. The current life expectancy in India is 69 years. Although most of the population is quite young (50% under 25 years old), the leading causes of death in the country are hypertension (caused by things like smoking), diabetes (caused by too much sugar) and coronary heart disease (caused by too much fat), all of which are lifestyle-related (smoking and diet). Previously, high infant mortality rates, infectious diseases and population control were the largest healthcare concerns. This shift in health issues puts pressure on the government and healthcare industry to address new concerns by updating regulations, encouraging medical technology innovation and enforcing minimum standards for healthcare delivery and documentation. More…

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Organise patent documents easily
with new updates to IPShare

IPShare combines quality-checked comprehensive data with high-level features. Users can store, review, rank, highlight and organise patent documents and non-patent literature on an easy-to-use and fully web-based platform which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. IPShare has adapted the use of high-quality patent data – once only available in our online solutions for high stakes professional searching, legal status monitoring and competitive intelligence tools – into a document management & collaboration tool. More…

Sports patents, when do innovations
cross the ethical line?

From Thomas Edison’s light bulb to pioneering drug treatments, inventions are essential for mankind’s progression. This technological development crosses all industries but for the sporting industry it can raise some ethical questions. When do these innovations designed to make sports safer or help athletes to achieve even greater feats, surpass the actual physical performance of the athlete? Looking at some sports patents which have made headlines over the past decade or so gives an insight into where international sports associations draw the line. More…

artificial intelligence
Patent inventors and the question of
artificial intelligence

The development of technology and artificial intelligence has allowed for innovations in every industry. The latest example of this is how an artificial intelligence (AI) system has created a landmark challenge to the international patents regime on whether AI systems may be listed as patent inventors, highlighting growing concerns among lawmakers over the rise of ‘creativity machines’. More…

Patenting activity by big industry to
improve waste management

Patenting activity by big industry to improve waste management

Over recent years, the public’s awareness of the impact of pollution and climate change has grown. As a result of this, big industry has been forced by governments and consumers alike to step up its game in reducing plastic usage, finding ways to recycle potentially toxic items like chemicals, aluminium or plastics, and mitigating their own carbon footprint. By studying the patenting activity of companies, it’s easy to see who is putting their money on the table and investing in this area, rather than just ‘talking the talk’. More…

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Press release
Welcome to Minesoft GmbH,

Germany is one of the most innovative countries in the world and many Minesoft customers based in Germany have contributed greatly to our product development over the last 20 years. Our local sales representative office in Germany has been serving our highly varied customer-base throughout the DACH region with significant traction for a few years now and it was high time for us to expand and solidify our presence with the formation of Minesoft GmbH.  We are delighted to announce we are in Germany to stay! More…

Patent report: the road ahead for
driverless cars

Patent report: the road ahead for driverless cars

A patent report can give a snapshot of the patents in a specific subject area or which cover a type of technology. The reports can be used to visualise and discover existing gaps in relevant areas, gain competitive intelligence by understanding the current landscape, predict where your market is heading and spot trends in areas of interest to aid investment. They are a critical step in research and development as well as competitive or patent strategy for any company or institution. More…