New enhancements to PatBase Analytics V2

Minesoft has enhanced the powerful patent analysis platform incorporated in every subscription of flagship product, PatBase – the online patent searching database.

New chart added

A new chart has been added to the Dashboard page showing key date ranges from your result set.

Key dates are laid out clearly for the earliest and latest documents within your result set, giving an idea of the range of time this technology area has been relevant. In this example, based on a search for artificial intelligence, the range is around 50 years!

The SEARCH PATBASE button will quickly run a search on any documents mentioned in the chart so you can further interrogate the data.

Updates to the citation networks

The citation networks in Analytics V2 allow you to view, interact with and explore patent citation networks. A set of patent families will be loaded, and a graph network created for all the related patent citations.

New sharing options added to the citation networks

A citation network can be a really useful and visually stunning tool for competitive intelligence, spotting influential players, monitoring who is citing your own patent portfolio and interrogating your result set in a new way. For this reason, we have made it easier to share the network graphs – navigate to the information/export/download tab in your chart settings to download in different formats (PNG, JPG, PDF) or print.

New analysis setting added for citation networks

A new analysis setting has been added to make it easy for users to run a general citation analysis without necessarily running the networks. This will make it quicker to analyse citations for a result set.

Cleanly cancel an ongoing analysis

It’s now possible to cleanly cancel an analysis. This is useful for when you are running an analysis on a large result set which is taking longer than you expected to complete, by cancelling you will be taken directly to the analysis dashboard.

Alternatively, if you turn on your notifications you can get on with your other work whilst the analysis runs in the background – you will get a notification once the analysis is complete!

PatBase Analytics V2 is included in all PatBase subscriptions for no extra fee. Contact us today to arrange a training session; or if you’re not currently a user we’re happy to set you up with a free demonstration and 2-week trial.

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