Stay ahead, whatever the challenge using Patent Solutions by Minesoft

All of the greatest, most renowned inventions start with an idea. Patents are often the first and only source of these ideas, with over 80% of technological and scientific information never published elsewhere. Anyone with access to patent data can improve upon, combine or invent around the initial patented idea. Therefore, companies around the world are protective of the value in their own intellectual property (IP) and realise the importance of monitoring the IP of their competitors. Minesoft is a world-renowned service provider for the Intellectual Property industry, to help companies harness the knowledge found in patents, gain competitive intelligence and build on the ideas of others to drive innovation worldwide

This current era of knowledge-driven economies has led to 3.17 million patents filed worldwide in 2017 (World Intellectual Property Organisation Indicators 2018), a 5.8% increase from 2016. IP professionals face daily challenges due to the volume and complexity of patent data currently available. Therefore, having access to a global, high-quality and up-to-date patent database such as PatBase is essential.

PatBase’s family structure collates all necessary information on one invention in one place and reduces duplication, boosting efficiency without losing accuracy. With over 60 full text collections, including non-Latin data, PatBase provides access to ideas and innovations from key countries around the world. PatBase makes it easier to conduct a Freedom to Operate search. With a range of innovative tools including PatBase Thesaurus to craft a comprehensive search strategy and Advanced Highlighting to review large numbers of documents, fast.

PatBase Analytics V2 (fully compatible with PatBase Express) can be used to visualise market trends and key competitors as well as identify potential business partners and licensing opportunities. The latest ground-breaking addition of Citation Network, provides a new way to interrogate your result set, creating highly engaging and visually stunning representations of complex citation networks. There are a range of features and settings that allow users to manipulate and arrange the networks so that they can be tailored to be as insightful and analytically useful as required.

Minesoft’s company ethos is to ensure the products developed continue to assist companies harness the worlds innovations. This motivation led to the recent creation of IP-Share. Store, review, rank, highlight and organise patent documents and non-patent literature in one central location. The ideal solution to encourage collaboration and share insights with clients and end-users.

In this coming year, Minesoft are excited to soon be introducing a new, even more powerful search engine for PatBase with a significant increase in functionality and speed.

Whether you have a practical problem to solve, valuable IP you wish to keep track of or competitors to monitor, Minesoft’s intelligent and reliable solutions can help you take the lead!