Co-founder Ann Chapman-Daniel honoured by German Magazine “Password” as the Information Professional of the Year

Minesoft co-founder Ann Chapman-Daniel was honoured to be named in German Online Information Industry magazine “PASSWORD” as the Information Professional of the year. In her interview, Ann shared her early professional development and decision process of starting Minesoft in a rapidly evolving and challenging patent information environment. The ensuing article details how Minesoft carved its niche between free patent solution providers and large competitors to become one of the leading global patent solution providers worldwide. The key behind this success has been a sound business strategy and execution that demonstrates well across all disciples, including people management, customer service, exports, innovation and product development.

Never give up is a good mantra, as well as finding ways to distinguish yourself from the more established products already in the market. And be a good partner to your clients – that is my advice.”                                                                                                                  

Ann co-founded Minesoft in 1996 with husband Ophir Daniel. The company, which now has offices in the UK, USA and Germany, has developed a suite of patent solutions that help many Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies exploit the intelligence found in the most comprehensive source of ideas available – patents.