Patent analysis module in PatBase updated

The patent analysis software developed by Minesoft for PatBase Users has been enhanced again to include a new automated reporting feature. In the last year alone, the Minesoft Development team has added three new ground-breaking features (alongside many smaller updates) to our world-renowned patent analytics platform – PatBase Analytics V2. This has included innovative citation networks, comparison analysis and enhancements to the underlying data, all included with no hidden fees!

Share your patent analysis easily with automated reports

Detailed patent analysis reports can be generated automatically by PatBase Analytics V2 and then exported directly as a Word, PDF or PowerPoint file. Ideal for sharing with clients or decision makers. At the time of writing (July 2019) there are four types of reports available:

  • Summary data sheet – provides a summary of the most commonly viewed data
  • Jurisdiction data sheet – focussing on the jurisdiction data of the analysis
  • Assignee data sheet – focussing on the assignees in the analysis
  • Overview report – this report covers all areas of the analysis in more detail than the summary data sheet
  • More options coming soon…
patent analysis report on mastercard, visa and american express
An example of an assignee datasheet

The patent reports are already available in PatBase and have received great feedback from many of our users as a useful way to be more efficient when generating meaningful analytical output for sharing.

PatBase users can easily drill down into the data, with in-depth information on assignees, inventors, technology areas, countries being filed in and more, all displayed as easy-to-understand visualisations which can be shared easily in a boardroom environment – even to those without patent know-how!

The reports can be accessed under “Reports” on the menu in the PatBase Analytics V2 module or directly from the analysis choices menu. There are extensive options available under report settings where users can adjust the look and feel of the report and almost all of the text can be edited, where needed.

Finding answers in your analysis

A new functionality has been added to the summary charts in PatBase Analytics V2 to help users more easily optimise the information shown by selecting a specific question to update the chart in a way that best answers that question.

New option to answer questions in your patent analysis by optimising charts
An example of the questions available for the jurisdiction summary chart

Over time, the questions offered will become more varied and relevant (where needed) as the system will remember areas that are of most interest for each section.

PatBase Analytics V2 has been developed by Minesoft for PatBase Users. Contact us today to arrange a training session; or if you’re not currently a user set up a free demonstration and 2-week trial here.