April Fools! Prank your Friends with These Patented Items

1st April 2020

April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, is associated with the tradition of playing practical jokes on friends. However, according to many online sources the origins of the tradition are unclear. Some claim the tradition comes from the changing of the Julian to Gregorian Calendar in France… Read More >

World Water Day: Tackling Water Scarcity and Sanitation Issues

18th March 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 aims to “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” by 2030. Lack of access to safe drinking water and poor sanitation negatively impacts food security, livelihood choices and opportunities for… Read More >

Understanding the FinTech Landscape

11th March 2020

Perhaps when we think of patents, most of the time we think of inventions in the area of engineering, medicine or chemistry. One sector that we don't associate much with the world of patents is the financial sector. Without the… Read More >

Disaster Borne Innovation

3rd March 2020

One of the signposts of advanced society is disaster preparedness. In a world increasingly affected by changes in the environment, disaster mitigation and relief has never been more important. Many military technologies, originally borne out of necessity, have trickled down… Read More >

Minesoft announces more free PatBase training webinars

25th February 2020

From March 2020, Minesoft Support will be running free monthly training webinars on PatBase News, Getting Started With PatBase and PatBase Express: An Introduction. At the end of every session we will open the floor to take any questions and… Read More >