working from home

In these strange and uncertain times, all companies have had to find a way to adapt and evolve. At Minesoft, the entire team has been working from home over the past few months and we’re happy to now be transitioning back into office life.

What have we been working on?

Despite the ongoing global pandemic, Minesoft’s Development team has been busier than ever with the upcoming launch of PatBase 2.0 next month (September 2020). This new iteration of PatBase has been the biggest update ever to the platform and we’re so excited to introduce our customers and extended audience to some of the new changes.

Screenshot of PatBase Analytics V3 Dashboard

Figure 1 – Run an analysis on millions of families in a matter of seconds

Users can take advantage of lightning-fast speed with a powerful system that can easily handle millions of families at once. The new system is no longer just a traditional database but makes use of cutting-edge indexing technology which runs simultaneously and seamlessly across a large cluster of servers. When all combined, the new system provides some extraordinary performance improvements and new ways of working with vastly streamlined workflows. Working closely with user feedback, the Minesoft Development team has taken the opportunity to add to, update and improve many features.

Minesoft’s Support team has been ensuring that our client base continues to have high-level access to support and training opportunities, regardless of time zone or language. As with many companies, we’ve been investing more and more into our virtual capabilities like the Minesoft Knowledge Hub. The Knowledge Hub contains PatBase, PatBase Express, PatDocs and IPShare Basics. These Basics sites contain video guides and written descriptions of how to use each platform, as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions and links to helpful documents.

In the Knowledge Hub, you can also find Guides, Webinars and Tutorials and Reports. The Support team has been working hard to continuously update and add to these resources during this period to provide helpful and digestible content.

Minesoft home-working support team zoom call

Figure 2 – The Minesoft Support team kept spirits up with weekly themed video calls

Weekly meetings have kept us on track to make sure we’re ready for the launch of PatBase 2.0. This has included redoing many of our tutorial videos, updating our introductory training sites, user guides and more…


For more information about the launch of PatBase 2.0, get in touch today at [email protected].