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Minesoft works with top corporations, National Patent Offices, technology transfer companies and specialised IP Patent Attorney & Law firms around the world. Minesoft retains close links with clients and continually enhances products and services according to client feedback, taking pride in providing a fast, effective and efficient service in a global, competitive market.

The IDS form generation tool of PatDocs is a major time saving tool and allowed us to create a detailed IDS form in one minute instead of the usual 4-6 hours required for data entry and verification.

In the daily business with its ever growing amount of information it is hard to keep the overview. The Minesoft PatentTracker Service is one key element for us to be updated on status changes of selected patents or patent families on a reliable basis. Is is a convenient procedure to wait until an info is coming compared to checking patent registers on our own regularly. This gives us a great relief in monitoring patent grants in dedicated countries all over the world.


Since subscribing to PatBase, productivity for our prior art searches has increased significantly. PatBase has allowed us perform our searches much more quickly and comprehensively, improve our search documentation, and more effectively identify potential licensees. This continues to make positive impact in our commercialization efforts as we are able to better direct our resources through more informed decisions.

~ A personal comment from Allan Wood, Commercialization Associate, Utah State Univesity

Thanks as always for your timely response. One of Minesoft’s strengths, as I was telling Tim yesterday, is the ability of your organization to respond quickly to customer requests. If they’re easily accomplished, you just do them! How refreshing!

~ Roy Zimmermann, Medtronic Inc.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased I’ve been with PatBase. Since we no longer outsource our routine prior art searches, I was concerned about my ability to find relevant art without wading through mountains of search hits. The PatBase interface, the way the software organizes search results by family, and the quick links to PDF documents and patent office registers all have made this task far easier than I’d anticipated.

~ Cliff Weston, Microban International, Ltd.

PatBase is easy to use and when displaying information, it is precise and clear. PatBase simply fulfils our needs and demands.

~ Noora Kultaranta, UPM

We need a high-speed retrieval of full text patent documents from the Internet, especially from the Public Server of the European Patent Office, because of the large coverage of facsimile documents available – PatentOrder is an efficient and cost-effective solution now offered to more and more Intranet Users at Siemens.

~ Siemens

We, at Siemens, are highly demanding users of patent databases . PatBase has been able to satisfy most of our requirements and expectations. The coverage of patent literature is comprehensive. The functions available in the web interface have been well-chosen and successfully implemented. The following features are seen to be of particular benefit
• Searchability of several classification systems
• Hyperlinking classifications, drawings and patent numbers to other internet sources
• Display format of retrieved records can be tailored to our preferences
• Advanced highlighting of search terms in full text documents enable these documents to be evaluated effectively

~ Roland Herberger, Siemens

In our opinion, the PatentOrder intranet solution is a very efficient and professional way of distributing patent specifications throughout our organization at low cost.

In order to speed up the innovation process, it is important for Solvay to have access very rapidly to the patent information. Before the installation of PatentOrder, all patent specification orders were addressed to different internal libraries, holding limited internal patent collections. Usually an ordered patent specification being available internally was delivered within 2 or 3 days. PatentOrder now allows for all Solvay’s end users to have access to the ordered documents within a few minutes.

PatentOrder also allows for a very flexible management of archived documents and an easy electronic distribution of patent documents without having to send large PDF files. Moreover, PatentOrder is remarkably customizable. For example, its integration into an in-house database web interface was realized in a few hours.

Finally, the really excellent support offered by Minesoft has to be pointed out.

~ Solvay

For patent professionals and technical research staff, the recent availability on the Web of free patent specifications promised to revolutionise the often tedious process of retrieving full patent documents. In theory the former route of submitting requests to a document supply department and waiting for a printed paper copy (from a CD-ROM or via fax delivery) had been streamlined. It took the arrival of Minesoft’s PatentOrder software to automate smoothly the whole process and make it possible for anyone at a company site to receive quickly at his/her workstation a single electronic PDF file of a desired patent. This elegant and effective solution is widely appreciated at BP Amoco.

What I find very convenient with PatentTracker is that the service does not only cover European patent applications, it also allows me to automatically monitor new members of patent families and national applications in Canada, Germany, Great Britain and the US. It is very easy to set up new watches and to manage ongoing ones through the web access. I find the system very reliable and I appreciate the personal service from the Minesoft staff.

~ Marjolaine Thulin, Awapatent

Following-up on our discussion, please pass my thanks along to Tim at PatBase. PatBase is truly an amazing service that has really enhanced our patent-searching capabilities. In particular, I love the way it automatically groups patent families together so that all family members only correspond to one collective “hit” in a search result. This is a feature I always wanted in the service we used to use so I’m happy to see it fulfilled in PatBase. The Professional service also provides a superior interface that enables very sophisticated searches to be performed and managed. All in all, PatBase Professional is a considerable improvement over our former service and I’m really happy that we are making the switch.

~ Thomas Mahon, D-wave

PatBase has great features that are very helpful to us such as the ability to search through patent families instead of individual patents, run search queries, save queries, export results, create alerts, etc. It’s fast, efficient, and the people at Minesoft are extremely supportive and quick to respond. PatBase is an excellent patent database search tool. I’m glad I’m using it

~ Dona Patikiriarachchi, D-wave

De tous les logiciels que j’ai utilisés jusqu’à présent dans mon métier de documentaliste brevets, en près de 20 ans d’exercice, ou que j’ai vus en démonstration (ou testés), je dois dire que c’est PATBASE qui a pour ainsi dire immédiatement, dès les tous premiers instants où j’ai commencé à l’utiliser, répondu à mes attentes, à savoir: la convivialité, la puissance du système, l’étendue des possibilités (notamment d’interrogation rapide des brevets cités-citants), la rapidité avec laquelle les réponses s’affichent de manière très synthétique grâce en plus à une visualisation en couleur des concepts clés. C’est en plus un plaisir d’utiliser quotidiennement cet outil en étant pour ainsi dire assuré d’avoir fait le tour complet d’une question, dans un minimum de temps et pour un coût modique en comparaison des autres logiciels du marché.

~ Pierre Chocat, Saint Gobain 

PatBase ist für uns ein wichtiges Werkzeug zum Durchführen von Patentrecherchen. Neben den vielen Such-, Anzeige und Exportmöglichkeiten im großen Volltextdatenbestand von Patbase, schätzen wir besonders die umfangreichen Suchen nach Zitierungen und die hilfreichen Verlinkungen aus Patbase zu anderen Datenquellen wie Rechtsstand, Klassenbeschreibungen, Mosaikansichten usw.

~ Martin Meier, Audi


Minesoft / PatBase provides outstanding customer service. Not only is the staff highly responsive, they really listen to what customers need and strive to accommodate requested improvements over time. The organization also places a high value on improvement. Hence, they are responsive — much more so than some of the larger data providers.

~ Greg Galloway, Falco-Archer Inc


I am very happy with the new version of PatBase Analytics, the design is very intuitive and it definitely feels like a finished product. I also like that it remembers all the details of my last choices as it makes it so much easier when repeating the same analysis to compare several datasets.

~ from the IP Manager at a leading speciality Biopharma company


Regarding Tempus IP services: I know I’ve emailed you before about Diane but I must reiterate: SHE IS WONDERFUL!  The bane of my existence is dealing with intricate legalizations with tight deadlines and having Diane available is a godsend. Our firm knows Diane is so knowledgeable about procedures and policies that any delay is bureaucratic nonsense. Moreover, she always answers (cheerfully!) any legalization question we have, speedily, and that is so appreciated.

~ from the Library Manager at a leading IP law firm