minesoft support

Mie Rasmussen, Head of Support and Training explains how Minesoft is using online training solutions to assist users while working from home.

This year, the way we do training has changed quite dramatically. Previously, the Minesoft Support team provided a lot of in-house training and held bi-annual PatBase Training courses across Europe every spring and autumn. With travel still limited and many people working from home, we have been focussing our efforts on virtual training and building our suite of e-learning solutions instead. We look forward to restarting customer visits and European training courses as soon as it is possible to responsibly travel abroad again. In the meantime, the Minesoft Support are running free module-based training sessions which are already proving to be extremely popular. The sessions will be run as a 1:1 or group training with a member of Minesoft’s experienced support team.

Sharing your patent discovers (approx. 30mins)

Share records using the PatBase Export Wizard or publish a link. Get an in-depth look at the new PatBase Beta Exports.

Deep dive into patent citations (approx. 30mins)

Explore the wondrous web of citations in Citation Explorer, and pinpoint your citation search in PatBase.

Visualise complex patent relationships in simple family trees (approx. 15mins)

Find out how PatDocs takes the work out of monitoring and reviewing patent relationships.

Become a PatBase syntax expert (approx 30mins)

Enhance your patent search strategy with our top tips on searching with syntax.

Navigating legal status events with ease (approx. 30mins)

Optimise your patent legal status search and review in PatBase with the command line and Legal Information Browser.

Boost IP project transparency, even while working from home (approx. 15mins)

Efficiently collaborate across patent and non-patent literature with IPShare. Annotate, label and chat in one central platform.

Users can organise a session from the Minesoft Knowledge Hub or contact [email protected] for more information. Access the Knowledge Hub from the Help tab on PatBase or PatBase Express.