PatBase AnalyticsV2: A 21st Century Approach to Understanding your Data

28th March 2018

In an article recently published on LinkedIn, James Gray – Senior Software Developer at Minesoft – outlines the difficulties in understanding, interpreting and effectively visualising large datasets. Minesoft’s automated systems are constantly updated with highly complex worldwide patent information. To… Read More >

Tips for reviewing large result sets in PatBase

8th March 2018

Many PatBase users need to scan through thousands of patent documents a day. Reviewing such large result sets is extremely time-consuming, hence, Minesoft has included functionalities in PatBase to make this easier. PatBase user, GreyB, has recently published a blog… Read More >

Enhancements to Chemical Explorer

28th February 2018

Chemical Explorer, developed by Minesoft to take advantage of Chemical NER technology to add chemical structure search capability throughout the entire text of millions of patent documents, can interrogate patent data in several ways. Similarity, substructure and exact structure searching… Read More >

New enhancements to the Citation Explorer module in PatBase

22nd February 2018

Citation Explorer is an interactive module within PatBase which makes it easier to navigate and review the complex web of patent citations on a family or publication basis. The module includes the ability to review citations side-by-side, visualise citations on… Read More >

Top Valentine’s Day Patents

14th February 2018

US2007078663A – Method and instrument for proposing marriage to an individual Unfortunately, this patent application was ultimately rejected by the USPTO due to non-response to an office action, but it still makes the list for being arguably the most romantic… Read More >

Minesoft article featured in IPPro India

5th February 2018

Patents have become increasingly important to the pharmaceutical industry. A new medicine can now exceed $2.6 billion to develop successfully, therefore pharmaceutical patents are crucial to give much needed protection to new compounds so that corporations can recoup their development… Read More >