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Minesoft Releases New Software for Mining Full Text Patent Documents

London, Wednesday 4th November: Global patent information software specialist Minesoft today announced the launch of a new product designed to help researchers explore scientific patent documents in more depth, TextMine.

Patent documents are rich in scientific technical terminology but can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate due to the large numbers of long documents searchers need to review and the specific language used. TextMine is a new software developed by Minesoft as part of their Chemical Explorer project that enables information professionals to mine the full text of patent documents to extract key terms and better visualise and understand the content.

TextMine has been integrated into PatBase – the global, searchable patent database created by Minesoft in partnership with RWS Group – to offer patent information professionals a more powerful new text Viewer. Users can explore in depth the chemicals, genes, proteins, diseases and a range of physical parameters disclosed in full text patent documents, with automatic highlighting speeding up the review process. TextMine provides links to access further information about terms identified on a range of external resources.

Ann Chapman, Director at Minesoft, said, “TextMine is a visually attractive Viewer software product that will be integrated into Minesoft search solutions such as Chemical Explorer to enhance chemical and scientific patent information retrieval. We have added it also to PatBase, the widely-used global patent database, to enable PatBase searchers to extract key chemical and scientific parameter terms from within patent documents and explore them thematically, with an emphasis on chemical-related concepts. TextMine is available now to all PatBase users at no extra cost, helping overcome some challenges involved in reviewing dense patent texts and offering a powerful, efficient new Viewer.”

For more information about TextMine and PatBase, contact Minesoft on [email protected] or call 0044(0)2084040651.

Press release
Minesoft Receives Queen’s Award For Enterprise At Buckingham Palace
Ophir Daniel meets Her Majesty

Patent data specialist Minesoft attended Buckingham Palace on 14th July to receive their Queen’s Award for Enterprise at a winners’ reception given by HM The Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade recognises outstanding achievement by UK businesses in growth and commercial success overseas.

Headquartered in Richmond-upon-Thames, Minesoft was awarded the prize for an impressive, sustained growth in International Trade, having achieved an overall increase of 87% in trade over the last few years.

Minesoft’s Co-Founder Ophir Daniel and Director Jochen Lennhof attended the evening reception to formally accept the Award from HM The Queen on behalf of the whole company.

Jochen Lennhof with The Queen

Announcing the award win on 21st April, Minesoft Director Ann Chapman credited “the constant innovation and responsiveness of our talented, committed staff as well as the loyalty of our existing customers, [allowing us] to continue to grow in just about all international markets – despite a tough economic climate – while developing ambitious future services for managing, searching and analysing patent data”

The Awards reception was also attended by The Duke of York, accompanied by Princess Eugenie of York, The Princess Royal, The Duke of Gloucester, The Duke of Kent, Princess Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy.

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Minesoft launches patent citations watch service CiteTracker

In July Minesoft launched a new patent citations watch service – CiteTracker.

The service automatically alerts users to new published patent citations of interest each week as they are added to patent documents. Organisations can use CiteTracker to monitor which competitors are citing their own patent portfolio or to discover what technologies are most frequently being cited.

CiteTracker eliminates the need for time-consuming manual citation searches to be carried out each week – results are delivered by email whenever new citations are published for any of the patents in the original set.

Minesoft handles everything from setting up the alert to delivering the result, providing a concise report of new citations that can be easily shared with colleagues or clients.

The new service is an ideal resource for patent attorneys, lawyers, IP counsel, R & D, search firms, and licensing and technology transfer offices.

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Minesoft Profiled In New Book Celebrating British History, Launched At Westminster Abbey

Minesoft was invited to the launch on Monday at Westminster Abbey of a new publication, “The Story of Parliament: Celebrating 750 years of parliament in Britain”, published by St James’s House Media in partnership with the History of Parliament Trust.

Guests assemble in the Cloisters

More than 300 VIP guests, including prominent historians, politicians and senior public figures, gathered to mark the publication of The Story of Parliament: Celebrating 750 years of parliament in Britain at a champagne reception in the Cloisters of Westminster Abbey.

The publication celebrates the 750th anniversary of Simon de Montfort’s Parliament of 1265—a key moment in the origins of parliament – and coincides also with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the document that is widely believed to have established the foundations of parliamentary democracy, liberty and human rights.

Minesoft Director Ann Chapman & Marketing Manager Katy Wood preview the book

Minesoft is profiled in the book which, alongside presenting a comprehensive illustrated account of the history of parliamentary politics, contains chapters on key areas of life in modern Britain including successful British businesses. As a recent recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade, Minesoft was invited to feature in the historic publication to give an insight into how their Intellectual Property software solutions drive innovation in Great Britain and globally.

Phil Allan, Katy Wood and Ann Chapman of Minesoft

Richard Freed, Director at publishers St James’s House, welcomed guests to the evening reception in the beautiful setting of the Cloisters, and formally presented the book to Lord Cormack, the Chairman of the History of Parliament Trust whose research project shaped the publication. Speaking to the guests at the launch, Freed said “Westminster Abbey was the perfect venue for the launch of a book that celebrates the incredible impact parliament has made through the centuries, from its origins through to the modern day.”

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Full Text Israeli Patent Data Added To PatBase, the Global Patent Database

A unique agreement between the Israeli Patent Office and British database producers Minesoft and RWS Group has enabled the inclusion in PatBase of full-text Israeli patents from the early 1970s to today. PatBase includes data for over 100 patent-issuing authorities with 25 full-text collections.

According to CofaceBDI, Israel’s largest Business Information Group, the number of Israeli patents registered in the USA jumped 21% in 2014. “Israeli innovation is widely respected, punching well above its weight in global patenting, innovation and scientific research and named as 5th overall in the Bloomberg Tech Index this year. We would like to thank the Israeli Patent Office, WIPO and also our distributor in Israel, Hipusit, for their assistance in adding this new patent data for our users worldwide” says Ann Chapman-Daniel, Co-founder of Minesoft. PatBase is currently the only commercially available patent database in the world containing searchable full-text Israeli patent information, enabling researchers to perform more extensive Freedom-to-Operate searches. Israeli full-text is available to search in English in PatBase and Hebrew text can be machine translated.

As 10% of Israeli patents are registered in Israel with no equivalent filings abroad, PatBase offers users a distinct advantage in providing early, searchable access to this collection. Owing to the time-saving patent family structure of PatBase and the fact that over 100 patent jurisdictions are covered, additional data will be retrieved simultaneously on the whole family of patents related to an invention, including full-text in a variety of languages.

Combined with the sophisticated functionality available in PatBase including advanced highlighting review tools, cross-lingual search options and integrated PatBase Analytics, the new data addition offers more comprehensive and thorough search and analysis of Israeli innovation.

For more information or to request a free PatBase trial to explore the new data, patent information users based in Israel should contact Hipusit, Minesoft’s representative in Israel, on +972 4 6013103 or (

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New to PatBase – Minesoft Launches Citation Explorer

Continuing with their unremitting development of PatBase, Minesoft further enhance the patent family database – produced in partnership with RWS Group, with the addition of the intuitive Citation Explorer.

PatBase Citation Explorer delivers a unique, highly sought-after tool to patent information and legal professionals. It simplifies the often complex task of examining patent citation information. Frequently a challenge due to sheer volumes, identifying relevant patents is made easier with an uncomplicated interface, tooltips aiding navigation, and filtering options to hone in on pertinent material. Sifting through hundreds of patent citations is no longer a tedious, fruitless task.

Detailed inspections of citation data using Citation Explorer is straight-forward with an option to display information side-by-side providing easy comparisons of Claims or Drawings, for example. Visual tools such as graphical views, a timeline and a tree view assist with evaluating patent citations. The most cited/citing patents and patterns within these citings are unmistakably evident. Users benefit from a citation log, as well as a flagging system and a notes tool making managing your citations and sharing your findings simple.

The launch of Citation Explorer follows on from Minesoft’s recent product launch of CiteTracker, an automated citation monitoring tool, and Business Development Manager, Olivier Huc’s (above) presentation about the hidden value of citations at the II-SDV conference in Nice in April 2015.

Minesoft’s focus on citations is in line with current business trends which show citations are increasingly being used, for competitor intelligence and business information, to measure the value of a patent portfolio, monitor competitor’s activities and identify potential licensing opportunities

Robert Poolman, Innovation and Consulting at Minesoft commented, “Citation Explorer is an exciting, new development – a well thought out tool and a great addition to both PatBase and Minesoft’s growing portfolio of products. It demonstrates Minesoft’s responsiveness to client demand and their awareness of attitudes in the business world.”

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Minesoft Develops API to Open Up Access to Big Patent Data

Minesoft announces the development of a new, modern REST API with advanced functionality to retrieve data and create parallel solutions, for integration with federated search engines and in-house corporate applications. 

The Minesoft PatBase API (Application Programming Interface) allows internal software applications to interface seamlessly with Minesoft’s global patent database, PatBase. Containing approximately 100 million patent documents from over 100 patent issuing authorities, PatBase is used by large corporations, international IP law firms, and tech transfer companies for search, review, analysis and monitoring of patent information.

“Our clients are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate our high quality international patent data into their internal systems such as intranets or in-house patent archiving systems. With the Minesoft PatBase API, bulk PatBase data can be imported seamlessly and securely in XML or JSON format into internal applications for searching and analysis,” explained Minesoft Director Rahman Hyatt. “We are always looking for different ways to facilitate access to the ever-growing PatBase database. The API now allows our customers and partners to make use of our patent family, full text and legal status information directly within their own in-house applications. It has enabled them to automate processes, leading to significant efficiency gains. We are always amazed at the multitude of new applications that the API can be used for.”

In an age where companies are increasingly looking for ways of managing and exploiting ‘Big Data’ and as the volume of patent information published worldwide increases year on year, APIs present a an effective technical solution to delivering patent data to end-users in a flexible, secure way that fits in with existing corporate workflows.