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The problem

Al was previously using publication-based databases where his search queries would often come back with very noisy result sets.

The solution

The family-based searching in PatBase was more efficient, especially for Novelty Searches. Al was able to get a rapid picture of how relevant the entire family was to the Novelty Search, limiting his results so he was spending time reviewing only relevant data.

Saving time and money when running FTO and Novelty Searches

Atlanta Patent Services is a patent search firm working with attorneys, inventors, entrepreneurs, and others whose work touches the patent process. Employing a blend of human intelligence, technical expertise, advanced patent tools and intuition born of experience, their patent search experts unearth and synthesise the most relevant information, providing critical insights to optimise R&D.

Patent searching is integral to Al’s business, where he works in the space between conception and the drafting of a patent application. He provides strategic insights and guides his clients to make important development decisions. PatBase is the core of this provision with Al regularly spending 4-6 hours a day using the database. Al uses PatBase to run all sorts of searches including Novelty Searching, Freedom To Operate (FTO) Searching and White Space Monitoring. He also uses PatBase Alerts to monitor companies or technology areas for projective strategic monitoring.

One of Al’s most used features are the Custom User Fields, which he initially started applying when running FTO searches. When looking at an invention and trying to interrogate its inventive concepts for 102 rejections (or novelty rejections), Al found it difficult to keep track of which filings cover particular aspects of the invention. Applying Custom User Fields helps him to keep track of which filings cover specific inventive concepts for the FTO search that he’s running. Using this in conjunction with the family-based searching means that he can get through a lot of data, fast. Al now uses this process from Novelty Search onwards. This means that if the Novelty Search doesn’t fail, by the time he gets to the FTO Search he already has all the information collected and categorised. This massively speeds up the process, lowers cost and gives greater assurance that the client’s product is going to do better on the market.

Al is particularly happy with the latest iteration of PatBase, which saw many of his suggestions for product development being implemented. One of his favourite new features is the ability to sort by Dead or Alive filings. He is in regular contact with Minesoft USA especially his Account Manager or “Support Guru”, Kevin Spahr.

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