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The problem

The client found manually accessing patent information through national patent offices and free databases extremely laborious. They were struggling to find a software that allowed them to access all this information in one place, as well as format this information into an easy-to-understand visualisation for a reasonable cost.

The solution

Once they started using PatBase, the client was able to rely on the one of the most comprehensive datasets in the industry, all quality checked and with searchable machine translation from over 106 jurisdictions. Having access to this dataset meant that they were able to efficiently perform FTO searches, conduct competitor review with confidence and stay on top of their client’s portfolios.

Saving time when doing FTO and a powerful visualisation system for clients’ IP strategies

IP Excellence provides IP legal and counselling services – providing businesses and innovators with creative and strategic advice with practical business solutions that take into consideration current state and future plans. They help clients and businesses develop their IP strategy and provide technical competitive intelligence and crucial strategic and differentiated insight for optimising their IP. Finding a visualisation system for clients that allows them to see their patent portfolio effectively and the trajectory of their relevant industries is vital when advising clients on how effectively implement a strategy. Jaimes finds the software easy to use and intuitive, and oftentimes uses PatBase in real time-sharing screens with a client to illustrate strategic points being made.

Managing their IP is integral to Jaimes’ business, his work is broad and requires him to keep abreast of latest updates of client’s and competitors patents alike. This requires him to have instant access to patent updates, the status of patents in various jurisdictions, what types of claims are where and knowing if there are similar patents with respect to the type of patent a client may wish to file. PatBase is at the core of this type of work, with Jaimes using PatBase on a day-to-day basis to find this information. It saves him time as it removes the need to manually visit national patent office websites and having to search through numerous websites and databases to get the required information for his clients.
Another important feature used by IP Excellence is PatBase Analytics and the PatDocs Family Tree tool. Analytics is extremely useful when he speaks to clients around strategy, what their competitors are doing and what they should be doing moving forward. Jaimes has global clients and needs to be able to visualise the industry in its entirety and the status of competitors from an international standpoint. With the PatDocs Family Tree, the client was able to generate a bird’s eye view of the priority relationship between even overly complex families in a matter of seconds and feedback this visual information to their clients. This would normally take hours to create manually!

Jaimes is also particularly happy with the consistency of PatBase software, the platform is extremely easy to navigate. From its sophistication to its simplicity, it is the most cost-effective and reasonable tool that he has found on the market during his 20 years of being Chief IP Counsel.

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