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Ward Law Office LLC (WLO) is a boutique intellectual property law firm based in the Midwest, with a strong presence in Michigan and Ohio. Specialising in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and all associated legal work, the firm assists inventors, entrepreneurs, and businesses in navigating the complex world of intellectual property law.

Jacob Ward is the owner and founder of the firm, and a registered patent attorney. Benefitting from extensive experience in the field, he set up his firm as a solo practitioner several years ago. His deep knowledge of intellectual property law has not only allowed him to support his clients with their IP needs but also grow the firm across the US.

The Challenge

The firm previously used free resources to perform patentability and prior art searches but faced a critical challenge in the rapidly evolving field of intellectual property law. They needed an efficient and cost-effective solution for patent searching and analysis that would allow them to perform more in-depth and complex searches and present the data in an intuitive way. While the free resources were readily available, they lacked the advanced features and functionalities required to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Fortunately, when Jacob was searching for a new resource, a trusted colleague recommended Minesoft and from our suite of solutions PatBase and PatDocs appeared to hit the mark.

Why Minesoft?

The powerful search capabilities, user-friendly features, and cost-effectiveness ensured Minesoft stood out from other providers. The intuitive interface and the unique ability to quickly generate Patent Family Trees in particular caught their attention.

However, it wasn’t solely the advanced technological offerings that has cemented the firm’s relationship with Minesoft over the years, but also the human touch behind the software. In an era dominated by electronic interactions, having a reliable human connection is crucial. Minesoft provides the necessary support when issues arise, or when guidance is needed. This collaborative approach makes Minesoft more than just a software provider; we are a trusted partner in their practice.

“Being able to reach out to someone if the data set doesn’t look quite right, if there’s something missing or if we need some guidance, is very helpful and one of the reasons we like Minesoft as much as we do.”

Progress and Impact

The user-friendly interfaces in both PatBase and PatDocs helped Ward Law Office seamlessly integrate Minesoft’s solutions into their daily operations. Although the firm’s team required minimal training to start using the platforms, they appreciated the valuable training sessions provided by Minesoft, ensuring that the firm could harness the full potential of the solutions. PatBase’s Semantic Search feature and PatDocs’ Patent Family Tree generator were among the features that have significantly aided their work.

“I especially liked PatDocs, I use that tool almost daily especially when looking at large patent families and the ability to quickly generate patent family trees.”

The adoption of Minesoft’s solutions has notably increased their productivity. The firm can efficiently perform patent searches and present results in a format that can be quickly incorporated into client reports and advice. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances the quality of their services.

“I think it has increased productivity because of the ability to perform searches very efficiently and to provide search results in ways that we can quickly incorporate into our reporting and advice that we provide to clients.”

Ward Law Office’s successful partnership with Minesoft has contributed to the firm’s growth and excellence in the field of intellectual property law. With Minesoft’s user-friendly and efficient solutions, the firm has met the challenges of the industry head-on, providing their clients with top-notch service. As a dynamic and forward-looking firm, WLO continues to thrive, knowing they have Minesoft as a trusted partner by their side.

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